Handling and use of the buoys
  • The utilization of the buoys will be under the strict general regulation indited on our website and in the catalogue of the areas. Regarding safety we trust at all time in the good seaworthy capabilities of the navigators, avoiding ruptures and entanglements with the ship's propeller, passing the tail around the principal rode and not around the buoy, as the regulation of utilization describes it. Especially, respecting the color of the corresponding buoy for the length of the craft and the limits of the wind indicated on the sticker of the buoy. It is forbidden to moor two crafts on the same buoy.
  • In case of coming to a field of buoys and finding it occupied, it is not permitted to anchor and you will have to look for a sand area outside the perimeter of the field of buoys in order to avoid damage of a plant and to enjoy a safer anchorage.
  • The buoys have a periodic inspection and maintenance. In case of finding a buoy in poor condition we ask you to call +34 971 43 97 52.
Conditions of reservation summer season
Authorisations: Bookings to use the buoys are issued by the Environment Ministry via the Booking Centre, through the web or in situ.

How to book: Bookings can be made through the website www.balearslifeposidonia.eu. Bookings can be made until 9 a.m. of the arrival date. They correspond to one buoy per boat and it is not allowed to anchor inside the perimeter of the field of buoys. From 9 a.m. reservations for the same night cannot be made through the website. They should be made by the surveillance boat at the field of buoys, subject to availability.

Types of buoys: Each buoy is defined with a colour corresponding to boat lengths. On the buoy, the maximum length allowed and the maximum safe wind (16 knots for 15 meter boats and 12 knots for bigger boats) are noted. The Environment Ministry will accept no responsibility if these conditions are exceeded.

Position of the buoys: The Environment Ministry inform users that the position of the buoys is approximate and illustrative.

Information: Boats approaching to moor at the buoys will be visited by the surveillance boat to check the booking and given them information about characteristics of the anchoring area and the Life Posidonia Project (in various languages). Boats with confirmed reservations who want to leave the field for a period of time should inform the person in charge of the buoys (channel 77 VHF) and he can reserve that buoy until the boat returns. Otherwise there is no guarantee that it is free when the boat returns. When all the buoys are occupied, you should anchor outside the perimeter of the field of buoys and on a sandy bottom.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have a reservation and you arrive later than 6.00 p.m., you will lose your reservation.

Use period: Between 1 June and 30 September every season.

Cancellation: If a booking is cancelled, you cannot receive the money paid back. If you cancel your booking 7 days or more before your arrival, you can have a buoy like the cancelled one another day, depending on availability. If you cancel your booking 6 days or less before your arrival, this change is not guaranteed during July or August.

Booking modifications: To modify a paid booking please contact the customer service. Modifications will be accepted only if there is availability.

Legal rules: BOIB 196, Arte. 117B, 31-12-05; D 92-43/CE 21-05-92; RD núm. 1997, 7-12-95; BOIB 51 ext. D 29, 24-03-06; BOIB núm. 38 Consejo Gobierno 03-03-06; DOCE 19-07-06; DOCE 19-07-06 (2006/613/CE); FOM 1144/03, BOE 12-05-03. Ministerio de Medio ambiente (Demarcación de costas): Concesiones administrativas de temporada para el 2013, por la instalación y gestión de los campos de boyas a todas las zonas. Decretos del 25 al 38/2007 de 30 de marzo. RD 139/2011.

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